The new single from Captive, “Abu Dhabi”, dropped on Burning Bash Music a few days ago. This is an electro house song, yet it finds itself a very unique blend of sound, taking inspiration from more eastern styles of music. It gives a very dark and and mysterious, yet vibrant sound to the whole track. With that, the buildup has a slow pace, with what appear to be some form of chant in the background, adding to the overall vibe of this track. As the beat drops, you get a burst of energy through a track that sounds very foreboding and harsh, but not in the typical sense of outright aggressiveness. The drums follow a very interesting pattern, mixing both typical house drum beats with more funky and rhythmic ones as well. Certain parts of the song include a guitar-like instrument strumming what sounds like a mix between classic Asian style of music, and a classic Arabic style of music. These sounds all come together, with hypnotic audio effects and a subtle, yet powerful lead.

“Abu Dhabi” is overall a unique, powerful, and addictive dance track. If you want to listen to the amazing new release by Captive, check out the song below, or click here to go on soundcloud.






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