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O Cinnedi Delivers On New Style Featuring House With “Bune” Self Release

O Cinnedi, an emerging force in the music realm, unveils her latest sonic evolution through “Bune.” This captivating opus combines elements of techno, phonk, and bass house, immersing listeners in a shadowy and mystical realm.


With skilled artistry, O Cinnedi masterfully weaves filmic allure, artistic sorcery, and captivating instrumental storytelling, conjuring an ethereal experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Through enigmatic social media manifestations and mesmerizing visuals, she invites viewers into a twilight world that resonates harmoniously with her enigmatic vision.


Envision yourself stepping out of a chariot at midnight, the profound bassline reverberating in the mist-laden air. The realm unfurls in hues of crimson cast by acid rain, under the watchful gaze of a blood moon. Drawn by its haunting allure, you venture into a dimly lit alleyway, where rebels engage in a ritualistic dance, their passion and energy intertwining until the nebulous dawn breaks.


Rising DJ/producer O Cinnedi captivates with captivating soundscapes, amassing over 500,000 streams. Collaborations with Archie Pena and captivating performances at Shambhala alongside artists like Stylust and Tynan highlight her ascent to prominence. Her track “Lust” secured a spot in Beatport’s Top 25, showcasing her versatile musical prowess.


From an early age, O Cinnedi immersed herself in the entertainment world, winning dance competitions and gaining recognition under Walt Disney productions. Her exploration of music theory and mastery of classical instruments add profound depth to her compositions.


Guided by Grammy Award-winning artists, O Cinnedi excels not only as a performer but also in production, marketing, and branding. With support from renowned producer Archie Pena, known for his work with icons such as Whitney Houston and Shakira, she creates an enchanting world through evocative storytelling. Join her artistic journey through her captivating online presence.


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