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BKAYE Shares The Behind-The-Scenes Process of His Latest Release ‘Wanted More’

BKAYE keeps amazing his followers with powerful releases that display the signature sound and style that has put him at the vanguard of the Electronic Dance music world nowadays.  

His remarkable productions, that have already gotten the attention and praise from the likes of Steve Aoki, Diplo and Crankdat, to name a few, as well as surpassed tens of millions of streams across main platforms, BKAYE is here to break his own records with a new hard-hitting banger that has everything it takes to be his next hit. 

We invited BKAYE to tell us more about the production of the track, the influences and inspirations behind it, as well as, his upcoming projects. 

Hey BKAYE, how are you? 

I’m good thank you! Excited that “Wanted More” is out, the reaction has been super positive so far and I’m looking forward to releasing a ton of music next year. 

‘Wanted More’ is out now, what inspired you to make this track? 

The vocal sample really inspired me to create this track! I found it on Splice and chopped it up, pitched it around, and arranged it to feel like a full track out of just a phrase or two. There was so much emotion there for me once I pitched it down, I got to writing some euphoric chords and the rest was made pretty quickly after that.  

Does the track have any specific musical or sonic influences? 

Production wise, I’ve been really inspired by Fred Again.. lately and making tracks feel really huge but also minimal in the amount of sounds used, not overdoing with the production, and letting every element breath in the mix. I wanted to make something emotional but also high energy and lots of dynamics. 

Which part of the track did you start with first? 

Definitely the vocals, everything was built around the that, and often times I use other vocals in my productions on top of that for chords, chops, extra melodies, I just think we connect so much more with the human voice than any other virtual instrument. 

What plugins did you use on the production of ‘Wanted More’? 

The main chord sound in this song comes from a favorite preset of mine I made in a virtual synth called Synplant! It’s a really unique VST that I discovered from Flume, and it’s super fun to play with and make weird organic sounds. For the second drop, a lot of the energy comes from Izotope Trash, a great distortion plugin that I put on the group of synths to glue everything together and give it that gritty sound. 

What’s your favorite part or element of the song? 

My favorite part has to be the second half of the second drop, this song just keeps building and building in energy and those fast-paced vocal chops are the pinnacle of that. It feels so playful and euphoric at the same time and it feels really unique to me. 

How does this track differ from your previous releases? 

In my previous originals, I’ve focused more on the Future Bass style of Dance music, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to appreciate House music a lot more and I feel like I’ve found my place in that subgenre/tempo that still revolves around the sounds and energy I like to have in all my tracks but just in a new light. 

How would you describe it to someone that hasn’t heard it yet? 

I would describe “Wanted More” as an instant boost of serotonin. I think it’s an inspiring song, the lyrics really make me think about pushing myself to the fullest in any area of life. I think it could be listened to as a sad song or an uplifting one, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you must! haha 

What would you say is the most important thing to keep in mind while producing a track? 

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the last year is to not try to fit every idea or production trick into every track. Let your one idea shine and build around it, don’t confuse the listener, give them the best melody they can hold onto and boost that with every other production decision you make. In other words, less in more. 

What’s coming up for BKAYE? 

So much is coming I’m so excited! I’ve never had more music sitting in the vault of unreleased music that’s ready for the world to hear! I have great house tracks, great future bass tracks and everything in between. I’m going to be releasing consistently next year, going super hard on the content side of things like TikTok, and hoping to play my first festival in 2023! 

Listen and buy ‘Wanted More’ now 

BKAYE Online: 

Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud 


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