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Will Laroca Returns With Message of Hope with “Northern Lights” via Virgin Music Sweden

Following up on his highly-successful debut single “Holy Ones,” Will Laroca returns with his newest single titled, “Northern Lights” via Virgin Music Sweden.  The slap-house track pays homage to the magnificent northern lights in his home country of Sweden.

“The Northern Lights is a metaphor for the guiding light of positivity I felt when I was able to bring myself from a dark place. To me it was with the help of my faith, but for others it can be something else, the positive force that has the power to guide you through tough times.” – Will Laroca

In “Northern Lights” listeners can hear violin melodies inspired by old Swedish folk music, hailing back to the 14 & 15th centuries, as well as the ancient Old Norse musical style from medieval times. Telling the story of mustering the will to persist and keep going, even when you’re in the coldest and darkest of places, the northern light serves as a metaphor for hope. Take a listen now. 


Will Laroca aka William Fredriksson is a Swedish artist, songwriter and producer. Even though Will Laroca is a new project, William is no newcomer. In Sweden he is already a multi-platinum producer in the production team TMA, together with his childhood friend Tiam Faorkhy Nia, as well as a gold certified solo artist (under the artist name WILLOW). From 2012 until today, William has helped shape Sweden’s modern hip-hop sound in collaboration with some of the most influential Nordic hip-hop artists.

However, William was always interested in other genres, especially EDM, and started experimenting with his music, and from that, Will Laroca was born. Together with Tiam, he creates house music with a personal touch and exciting new beats mixing up different styles and genres.

His music fluidly moves through electronic music and acoustic instruments as well as different genres and styles to create his own personal and exciting sound. The music is easy to access for everyone without losing a deeper meaning, both lyrics and melodies are important for him. Laroca’s influences come from all kinds of genres besides EDM, anything from rap, disco, rock and funk to Swedish/Middle Eastern/South American/African folk music and ethnic beats, as well as pop and country.

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