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Future Rave Music Label Boss Ken Bauer Talks About The Label, The Year So Far And Upcoming Projects

Future Rave Music is an Electronic music label that focuses mainly on releasing Future Rave tracks from fresh talent from all over the world. And while established acts are also welcome, one of the features that make them stand out in the Dance music industry, is their aim to shine light to up-and-coming artists regardless their age, gender, location or number of followers; for Future Rave Music, and its director DJ and music producer Ken Bauer, what matters is the quality and originality of the music, that has surely put the label’s name high on the list of renowned labels as each release proves to be worthy of attention and praise. 

We sat down with Future Rave Music Label boss Ken Bauer, to ask him more about how has 2022 been so far for the label and what’s coming up for them. 

Hi Ken Bauer, how are things going? 

Everything is good. Thanks for asking. I have just returned to work after a fantastic vacation. 

We wanted to ask, how has 2022 been so far for Future Rave Music? 

It has been great. We have signed and released lots of great music from new and upcoming artists as well as established ones. With support from heavyweight DJs as well as Editorial Playlists. 

We’ve seen some releases from the label lately, can you tell us more about the new artists collaborating with Future Rave Music? 

We have been working with a lot of great talent this year. Such as Nanoviola, ALEX LNDN, Yantosh, Bromo, Edy Maron, Milky Bass, Enveak, L’Étrange M. Redan, NK/LA, Brucelee, Torres, LIN, Krevix, Miami Boys and with a special mention to Andrew Galaxy who is our youngest artist at only 16 years old. 

Can you tell us more about the music being released by the label this year? 

Obviously, we focus on Future Rave, but we always aim to bring new elements to the style. We do see a trend that the music we release have drops with lots of elements from Techno and beautiful breakdowns with Melodic Trance melodies and chords. 

What would you say is the most important thing you take into account before signing a new artist to the label? 

First of all, I want to assure everyone that most important aspect is the quality of the track being submitted. We don’t care about the number of current streams, followers, age, gender or social media status. We have signed music with artists that don’t even have a Spotify account.  

What would you say to someone that is thinking about submitting a demo to Future Rave Music?  

Don’t think! Just send it! Kidding aside. First of all, even though we are still a young and small label we already get about 20 tracks a week sent to us and that is about 100 tracks a month. It does take a lot of time to listen to all demos and we do listen to all. We do reply to everyone that sends a demo. Always send us your final and best mastered version of the track. To be honest, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t tell us that the track needs better mixing or mastering. If you are not happy with the track, we will not be either. Also don’t be discouraged if we decline signing your track. Each track you finish is always a personal win and gives you experience. Your next track will always be better than the previous one. 

What has been the biggest achievement of the label this year? 

Appearing on the Beatport charts as well as more and more Spotify editorial support is a great sign that we are doing the right things. 

What are some of the biggest challenges to face currently for an Electronic music label? 

Making Money. The revenue you get from streams and downloads is very small and for each release we need to pay for artwork, videos, distribution & promotion. 

How would you say it’s a good way to innovate within the Future Rave genre? 

I would say, stick to the current trend by 80% and then add 20% of your own innovation. Labels always says that you should innovate. But if you innovate too much, they will tell you that it sounds “home made” and “is not the style we are looking for”. So only add a little bit of innovation. 😉 

What would you like to achieve with Future Rave Music in the near future? 

I would like to expand our team so that we can release even more music. There is a lot of great talent out there that is still waiting for their chance. I want to help as many artists as possible getting their music out there with lots of support from DJs and finding and adding more listeners to their fanbase. 

What’s coming up for Future Rave Music in the coming months? 

We have lots of great music coming out, new artists have been signed and we also have a few big surprises that we will reveal soon.  We are also expanding our team. We recently hired a digital marketing manager and a new A&R. We are constantly looking for new talent so if you think you can provide value to Future Rave Music feel free to reach out. 

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