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Cyazon Talks About His Music Production Process And Gives Some Tips and Advice

Cyazon is an exceptional DJ and music producer that has created a whole sonic landscape where his music fits perfectly, creating a universe of its own. His signature style and sound that includes futuristic elements and themes make of his name one to follow. 

His tracks have been released through major labels for his genre like FiXT, and Bass Rebels, and while he’s kept busy preparing powerful new releases and curating special mixes for his weekly radio show ‘Cyber Future’, we wanted to ask him about his own music production processes, his favorite tools and some tips for music producers out there. 

Hi Cyazon, how are you doing? 

Hi! Doing well thanks!

What set of gear would you say is important to have when stating a home studio?

Mainly a DAW, synthesizer and effect/mixing plugins you like, a good set of 3rd party presets and samples that you find fitting for your sound, and headphones. Maybe an audio interface and studio monitors, but that’s additional if you record your own vocals and want pleasure out of listening to speakers. 

What’s important to keep in mind when producing music? 

To focus on just enjoying making music instead of having an expectation or end result while creating. I feel that if you end up forcing it or end up comparing your music, it makes it a lot more difficult to enjoy making music, which is why all of us as artists started making music in the first place. This is something I struggle with and I’m trying to enjoy it a lot more so this is what I would suggest. 

What’s the latest thing you’ve learned regarding music production? 

I would say this going off of the last question you asked. Mainly for me, to only focus on getting ideas out instead of trying to make the next best song. So that means having a strong melody and synths/melodic elements, which make up the whole idea for the song.

Which DAW do you use and why?

Ableton, because it’s what I’m used to and have been using for a long time. It’s easy to sound design and navigate Ableton as well as come up with ideas fast. 

What are your favorite plugins and why? 

U-He Diva, Omnisphere, and sometimes Xfer records Serum because I always find the sound I’m looking for when making music, especially Diva and Omnisphere. I’m able to sound design a sound very easily in serum too. 

How do you know when a track is ready? 

The main way I find out is, when I can fully resonate the track and really like the way it sounds. If it fully captures the story/emotion I want the track to tell, then that’s another indication. I go off of how I feel about it. I sometimes compare the track to my previous music whether if it’s the same quality or better. 

What recommendations of books, videos or blogs would you give to someone starting out their music production journey? 

Check out DawNation on Youtube, Spotify and their website. They have a lot of great music production education for further advancing your music as well as general knowledge about the music industry. You can also watch your favorite music artists on Twitch or Youtube to learn how they are making music. There are probably other courses, videos you can learn online about music production too. Icon Collective, a music school I went to, has a blog and videos you can learn from too.  

Any advice for music production beginners? 

Be patient with your journey and progression in music. It can be very discouraging when you are not seeing results from your finished and released music and just as an artist. Have faith that your music goals will work out. If they do not, that’s also okay too. Music is supposed to be enjoyable experience meant to help people and also a creative outlet as an individual. Just be grateful for where you are at, enjoy the process, and work towards your goals. One day people will notice you and your efforts when it is the right time. 

How do you keep yourself inspired to make new music? 

This is a very good question since I have been struggling with that this whole year. I would say the main things are being in a positive state in my mind, being happy, and not having stress. Those things are crucial for me to make the most authentic music in the moment that I can resonate with. Another thing is watching movies and creating fictional stories around my music and brand. That really helps me come up with musical ideas fast. 

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