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Axl Arth Criminal
Axl Arth Criminal

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Axl & Arth Are Back With A New Single Titled “Criminal” Featuring Singer Jimmy Burney On Vocals

Axl Arth Criminal – Stockholm based producer duo Axl & Arth are back with a new single titled “Criminal” featuring singer Jimmy Burney on vocals . Axl & Arth dropped their first single back in 2015 and have since then made a musical journey from electro house and big room to a purer pop sound and with their latest release “Criminal” the leap is completed.

Criminal starts off with the captivating chorus and then moves on to a mellow well executed verse where singer Jimmy Burneys soulful vocals are accompanied by a tight beat and piano chords, leading up to the – at this point already well established – chorus.

Lyrically the song is about coping with your inner struggles in a high performing society, feeling like an invisible outcast in the herd of polished facades – something Axl & Arth have illustrated with the deadpan face in the artwork.

Criminal is however, despite its somewhat dark theme, a melodic uplifting pop song that has every potential to crawl its way into charts and playlists across the streaming platform.

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