SKisM’s NSD: Black Label has been innovating in the heavy dubstep sphere since its creation in 2015. 5 years and a whole lot of music later, Black Label is celebrating its 100th release with an EP from one of the imprint’s favourite newcomers: Kill Feed.

Following on from his mind-blowing ‘Multiplayer’ EP last year, Kill Feed’s ‘Valley Of Death’ EP is released today. Boasting four brand new tracks, Valley Of Death EP is a showcase of Kill Feed’s evident talent when it comes to the weightier side of bass music. Featuring the punchy, bass-fuelled beats that Kill Feed is fast becoming known for, the EP is just as gut-wrenching as you’d hope from Black Label’s 100th release. Keep your eyes on Kill Feed in 2020 and beyond!

Check out title track ‘Valley Of Death’ below and grab your own copy HERE.