Philadelphia producer Subtronics is back again but this time with a whole new, ground-breaking project through is own label Cyclops Recordings. His brand new 4-track release Cyclops Army EP showcases a true growth in sound and some overwhelming production abilities!

The EP opens with the title track, a rough-and-tumble dubstep anthem that grabs hold of you with full force. The second track, ‘Glitch Fight,’ is a filthy stomper with menacing intensity and eerie vocal samples. Next up, ‘Loopholes’ and ‘They Call Me’ showcase Subtronics’ defined and loved bass production sound to its full extent.

Here’s a quote from Subtronics on the EP:“The Cyclops Army EP is all of my favorite unreleased slappers that I have been refining over the past year. The goal is to blend heavy dubstep and left field bass music while pushing boundaries and doing something unique. The EP will be released on my new label Cyclops Recordings. The label name and EP title are a tribute to the day-ones in my fan group Cyclops Army.’’ 

Subtronics has really pushed his sound and delivering it in full force with the release of ‘Cyclops Army EP’. With half of 2019 left, it’s an exciting time to see what he’ll do next. Turn it up below!



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