Today is a special day for fans of Samplifire and ECRAZE, as the dubstep hotshots release their highly-anticipated double single Dead Zone / MoshGvng. What’s different about this release is that the two tracks are split between SKisM’s two labels (Dead Zone on NSD and MoshGvng on Black Label), giving these two producers all the love on NSD’s own new music Friday.

Just as heavy as you’d expect from Samplifire & ECRAZE, Dead Zone and MoshGvng are like two feral beasts pitted against each other with their ferocious drops and unforgiving hits. Tearing through a wild array of screeching synths, booming drums and quaking basslines, these two tracks deliver a hefty dose of energy for the weekend. If there’s a shred of doubt left in anyone’s mind that Samplifire & ECRAZE aren’t about to rule the roost in bass music, these two tracks will have them thinking again.

Check out Dead Zone / MoshGvng below and don’t forget to snag yourself a copy HERE.