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harlow miil j4u collection vol 1
harlow miil j4u collection vol 1

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Harlōw MiiL Unveil First Volume Of Eclectically Diverse Collection, J4u

Harlōw MiiL – J4u Collection Vol 1 Since debuting onto the scene in 2017, longtime friends Mervin Montante and Kyle Oesterle, have been releasing remixes and original productions as Harlōw MiiL. Up to this point, these guys have continued impressing us with every original production from singles such as synthed infused trap single ‘Gravitron‘ to first EP Watercolor Tears and remixes for artists like Jai Wolf, The Chainsmokers and Diplo.



Now, Chicago and Detroit based DJ and producing duo group Harlōw MiiL have returned to the EDM soundscapes with a new EP of sorts since releasing their colorfully tasteful and bright future-bass Watercolor Tears. First of it’s kind, they now offer a true predecessor with the J4u Collection, the first of what one can only expect of many to come. While Watercolor Tears presented the brighter side of Harlōw MiiL with tracks like ‘While You’re Gone‘ and ‘Fox,’ J4u offers multi-cultural, multi-layered and genre bending sounds, while offering insight into the diverse minds of Montante and Oesterle.

J4u Collection, Vol. 1 is comprised of four very different, yet fluidly aligned tracks ‘J4u,’ ‘Lola,’ ‘Kai‘ and ‘Nandi.’ Beginning with the title track, the tone of the compilation is set almost immediately with percussive shimmering, bass and a powerful culturally infused beat. Next up is ‘Lola,’ a gentle tribal melody paired tastefully with clean percussive hits, while continuing the theme of the collection.



The latter half of J4u takes a step back with ‘Kai.’ The track starts with a light, yet thunderous drum alongside a culturally appropriate wind instrument. Listeners are quickly welcomed to what may be the most intense trap, hip-hop and bangin’ sound on the collection, maybe even a highlight of the discography as a whole. However, all things must come to an end and the J4u Collection does just that with ‘Nandi,’ a diverse genre bending tribal ride to conclude this well deserved predecessor.

Since first hitting the scene a couple years ago, these guys have been a talented DJ and producing group to watch out for, however they have now unwittingly stamped their digital footprint into the EDM soundscapes in a way that will only continue pushing these guys further into the threshold of success!


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J4U Collection Vol. 1


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