Unsigned Only Music Competition 2019 Deadline – Unsigned Only is offering artists from each major sphere of the music industry from all around the world a chance to gain exposure, recognition and the rare opportunity to get noticed by music industry professionals. Unsigned Only is one of those competitions that artists just can’t miss and it’s deadline is fast approaching, jump on the chance to enter by April 30th!



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As most DJs and producers can tell you, establishing oneself in the eclectic EDM soundscapes is not the easiest task. From interacting with fans on multiple social media accounts, finding a signature sound and reaching out to multiple labels to releasing quality content consistently and so much more, it’s quite the journey. So you definitely can’t let an opportunity like this pass you by!

You might be wondering what the appeal is, but let me assure you, there is a lot to be excited about in this competition. For starters, artists from their respective genres including country, rock, hip-hop, pop and electronic dance music amongst others each have an equal opportunity to win prizes.


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Unsigned Only is looking for talented, unsigned artists who deserve to be heard! Submit your entry now before the April 30th deadline for your chance at $20,000 US in cash, plus one-on-one mentoring by an elite group of record company executives!


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