GRiZ – Ride Waves Multi-instrumentalist producer and performer GRiZ has released his fifth studio album, Ride Waves. Drenched in the creative passion and cultural connectivity of the artist, the LP sees GRiZ immerse himself into the soundscapes of his influences and the causes of today.



Everything that GRiZ does encapsulates a feeling. Whether it be the heartache of tragedy or the thrill of success, every sentiment, commitment, or track he makes embodies just how it feels to be a human under the weight of modernity. The result is an artist, producer, philanthropist and LGBTQIA advocate living a legacy of love and positivity.

Grant armed the album with a multitude of genres; not as a spectator, but instead, he sunk himself into these societal landscapes to produce something as authentic as it is timely. He tapped hip-hop favorites like Wiz Khalifa on ‘Find My Own Way,’ DRAM for ‘It Gets Better,’ Funk-icon Bootsy Collins on ‘Bustin’ Out‘ and Matisyahu for their Reggae hymn to peace. His sonic journey touched down in New York’s urban core to record with the Harlem Gospel Choir, stepped into Chicago’s South Side to collaborate with a children’s choir, and spanned across many sessions in New Orleans. Snoop Dogg even lent a hand in creating My Friends And I Pt. 2.



There’s truly something for everybody in the album. Each song tips a hat to Grant’s personality, and many parts of this represent moments of reflection. GRiZ and Matisyahu were in the studio soon after last year’s Parkland shooting, and wrote a song about gun violence, ‘A New Day,’ became of it. The song was matched with a video which features stories from multiple people impacted by gun violence. Grant, in partnership with Brady, used the video to encourage fans to unite against gun violence by asking their federal representatives to pass universal background checks.

Ride Waves is the culmination of the last two years of production. This eclectically powerful new album has GRiZ enter a new realm of production prowess defined by collaboration and an unwavering sense of progression. It is from this new vantage point that he is simultaneously connected to both the history of contemporary music and its evolution. From here there is only growth, respect, and the refining of a new generation.


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