Billie Ellish – ‘Bury A Friend‘ (TAMA UCXI Remix) – After making a splash in the scene last year with a variety of remixes and original records, DJ and producing duo group TAMA UCXI have returned with their brand-new track coming in the form of remix for the esteemed, unique and talented Billie Ellish on her recently released ‘Bury A Friend.’



The last tracks we saw here on EDM Joy was the ambient and trap hybrid ‘Clockwork‘ and cultural ‘Sakura.’ This latest remix emphasizes on Billie Ellish‘ mystically hypnotic and eerie vocals and brings out ‘Bury A friend‘s unique melody and beats by offering an original twist with tasteful, strong and powerfully cultural trap banger vibes.

Impressing us yet again, TAMA UCXI uses this already twisted production and flips it on it’s head to give us some unique EDM flavor that only these guys could offer. Check out the track and follow the duo via their socials, linked below to see what else they have in store!



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