Flux Pavilion – ‘I Can’t Stop‘ (Focus Fire Remix) – After releasing two collaborations titled ‘Spire‘ and ‘Dimensions‘ alongside producers Nanoo and Similar Outskirts, duo Focus Fire are back again with a melodic twist on one of the most recognized song in all of dance music, flipping Flux Pavilion‘s ‘I Can’t Stop‘ into a harmonious, semi-nostalgic future bass-influenced vibe.



The single mixes salty and sweet moments together, the former hitting mostly during the drops and the ladder smoothly coming toward your ears during the intro and bridge. Through the moods are polarizing, Focus Fire stitch the competing moods together in fluid and graceful manner.

Following a year-long hiatus and a massive branding overhaul, the American duo known as Focus Fire have erupted back into the scene. Though comprised of Christian Ellison and Zack Morgan, the giant robot GAR-E (Giant Audio Relay Engine) is the focus of their brand and definitive inspiration for the duo groups’ aggressive sound. The story of GAR-E can be seen and heard throughout the episodic releases from Focus Fire and only time will tell how the story unfolds.



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