DJ Kiki – ‘Runaway‘ –Runaway‘ is a track that wastes no time bringing in the low end, with the bass-heavy kicks knocking at a slightly slower tempo than you’d expect for a house track. But that driving beat reminds us to slow down our fast-paced lives and let go! And the production is top-notch. Catchy melody lines and echoing vocals really solidify the laid back, yet upbeat, vibe of this summer cut; it has the ability to stick with you long after it’s over, reverberating in your head. It’s easy to see that ‘Runaway‘ will be a summer hit for years and years to come.



DJ Kiki began developing her new extensive and multifaceted skills on the decks at the start of 2007. Specializing in a multitude of genres including hip-hop, old school, house, electronic, classic rock and latin; DJ Kiki undertook dedicated training on the turntables and quickly showed a natural flair that has been the catalyst to her success and has since forged a career that has established her as one of the best female DJs on the scene!

She has performed for major night clubs and large scale events all over the country. She currently has eight residencies and has held numerous guests spots throughout Las Vegas including Marque, The Foundry, Tao, Tao Beach, Hyde, Foundation Room and Rehab Pool just to name a few.



Performing in several major cities across the country, DJ Kiki has brought a vivaciousness and extraordinary talent wherever her work has taken her. Her abilities stretch far beyond what is expected of even the most profile DJ acts in the industry, with Video DJ and Emcee skills that led themselves to versatile personality. She has an unmatched talent for sensing the changing moods and musical demands of each individual crowd, artistically blending original mixes and fusing old and new school hits to tailor to each unique environment making her one of the most exciting performers around!


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