Harlōw MiiL – ‘Gravitron‘ – The Chicago based DJ and producer duo Harlōw MiiL has released their first original track of 2018. ‘Gravitron‘ brings together rap, hip-hop and electronic elements to create a synth infused hard hitting tune just in time for summer.



Established by longtime friends Mervin Montante (Harlōw) and Kyle Oesterle (MiiL), Harlōw MiiL is the most recent project created by these artists. Their name is inspired by their past’s, Merv had been performing and writing under the name Harlow for some time and decided to bring this part of him to the project. Kyle was the first to make the move from Michigan (Mi) to Illinois (iL), so the combination felt perfect for their midwest roots. The duo combine their various musical backgrounds and theories to bring you genre blending, multi-layered songs. While the project’s foundations lie in the future bass genre Harlōw MiiL has constructed their own unique sound through fuzing several genres.

Starting off with a slow, celestial build invoking floating images up to space; as shown by the album art, you are quickly blasted into space through Ty‘s rapid fire rhymes. The lyrics reveal that ‘Gravitron‘ is a mental destination hidden between the matrix and the constellations, Harlōw MiiL utilizes a cinematic sound to jet listeners to this space of awakening. After releasing their debut Watercolor Tears EP, Harlōw MiiL connected with Ty Black, through exchanging demos/ideas the collaboration was brought to fruition. Cohesively swaying between an otherworldly soundscape and powerful lyrics, ‘Gravitron‘ inspires us to never stray from our true path, take life’s lessons and turn them into blessings.



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