Bedrockk – ‘Moschino Xan‘ – A recent residence of Los Angeles, DJ and producer Bedrockk unveils his latest single ‘Moschino Xan.’ A tasty collaborative single with Gunkst featuring a nasty blend of bass, a 90s throwback house sound, hypnotic vocals and a trap breakdown, this DIRTY//CLEAN label Co-Founder knows how to produce a record.



Dave Marquess is an artist that has been known to make a blend of R&B with future vibes, whilst designing his own original vocals to create a sound he can truly call his own. As the co-founder of the LA/Denver based label, DIRTY//CLEAN, he has formed a collective of like-minded artists who strive to push the bar in their productions.

Take some soulful grit, colorful futuristic vibes, echo-falsetto vocals, some 808 bass music undertones, mix them together and you have the sound that is Bedrockk. Without a doubt, ‘Moschino Xan‘ represents the producers sound flawlessly and makes listeners absolutely crazy for more!



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