Maybon is the creator behind the silky smooth single ‘Lover,’ which landed recently. The young artist has plenty more in the pipeline, so we hit him up for a chat about his music.

Do you remember what first got you into making music? How do you feel your sounds and influences have changed along the way?

Skrillex was the one who inspired me to create music! The way that he can create an exciting track without any vocals really inspired me to how much a production can mean. After making electro/dubstep for a couple of years I got more and more into creating my own style of music!

What would you say your styles encompasses?

My style encompasses soft synth keys or plucks,  catchy vocal-sampled hooks and an overall mysterious vibe!

You hail from Norway – which artists from over there are you into at the moment?

Seeb! They create such good music and I really look up to them.

Is there anyone you would be keen to work with?

Anyone who is talented! The best thing I know is creating good music.

What did you particularly enjoy about making ‘Lover’? How did you find the creative process?

‘Lover’ is a track that I created for almost 2 years. I had been looking for the perfect top-line for so long, and just a couple of months ago, I found the perfect one!



Are you a slow or fast worker when it comes to making music?

Both. I work really fast overall but I can also get stuck a one part of a track for many hours.

What do you personally like best about this track?

The sampled vocal hook in the drop. It represents my way of creating random and catchy hooks by sampling everything from singing to weird talking that I have found online or either recorded myself!

Can we expect more new music from you soon?

Yes! I’m trying to release music more frequently this year.

What else are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Doing more live gigs. And not only DJ sets, but also live performance sets.


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