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edx 2017 interview
edx 2017 interview

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Exclusive Look Into The Mind Of EDX

Hi Maurizio, better known as EDX! With a year that is sweeping past us faster than any before, 2017 has been an exciting one! While many have accomplished a lot, our focus at EDM Joy today is to have a word with you regarding your immense and widely successful career.



You’ve been marking your signature sound as a DJ and producer in the EDM soundscapes for almost a decade and yet in the past few years alone, you have truly cemented your name in this vast industry, vividly thriving! You’ve headlined at some of the world’s biggest festivals, finest clubs and some of the greatest venues.


EDX December PS1


Working with some of the biggest names in the electronic dance music industry like Benny Benassi, Deadmau5, Kaskade and Armin van Buuren amongst a myriad of others, it has given you the opportunity to present great tracks, ranging from remixes, collaborations and singles, to much more.

You have made major strides in the past couple of years. With your weekly radio show No Xcuses, holding residencies in Ibiza, being one of the most streamed Swiss artists on Spotify, having released great singles and traveling all over the world on tour, you are not only a successful DJ and producer, but also quite busy!


As we have progressed this year, you’ve released a variety of powerful tracks such as ‘Bloom,’ ‘Daybreak,’ ‘Voyage‘ and ‘We Can’t Give Up.’ What can you tell fans about your creative process going into some of these records, your inspirations and motivations behind them and what they mean for you?

Behind every single track there is almost always a story, moment or experience that I am trying to bring into productions.  Travelling had definitely helped a lot, but the fact that I have been producing and releasing music for over 2 decades now has helped a lot. I’ve seen so many genres that have faded and returned with new twists 10 or more years later again and again.  On the production side, I’ve taken two approaches to a release. If I don’t have a vocal available from scratch I mostly start with a beat, add a lead sound, chords and work the break part the hardest.  With a vocal I mostly start with chords that work well around and add the extra touch to it.


You have also just released your new song ‘Runnin.’ What can you tell us about working on the song?

Runnin‘ is my last production of 2017 following a long string of well received releases. It’s been a great year, celebrating “‘2 Decades‘” of producing and performing around the world as EDX. It was important to me to tie off the year with a positive vocal record, when I found that vocal in the sample library I immediately knew we could make this one big and I’m very lucky. It’s been received with so much love!



Not only have you released stellar productions, but you have also had the chance to tour the world this year. Through the past few months, you performed for fans all around the United States. Now, you’re planning on touring this month at places such as London and Amsterdam.


What has been your most memorable experience so far, this year, touring around the world?

This summer has been an intense festival and touring season between playing all of the European hotspots and the Balearic Island of Ibiza.  The USA always shows so much love at all of my shows and leaves me with so many great memories – It’s hard to pick just one! I recently returned to Asia for shows in Japan and Korea, the energy and dedication for electronic music is truly immense there. Countries in South America/Central America also have something special about them, giving you that extra thing that keeps you going more and more. I am really looking forward to my New Year’s Eve show in Cape Town, it’s been quite some time since I’ve played in South Africa.


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As we have noted before, you’ve worked a large variety of artists, released a myriad of music and performed and presented your talents in a multitude of ways.


As a DJ and producer, do you have any advice for aspiring DJs and producers?

I think it’s always important that you always make music that you feel the most and stay true to yourself. Another important thing is to always try to do your own thing rather than following broader music trends and hype. I always encourage others to work harder and follow their hearts.


Lastly, what can fans look forward to as we get closer to 2018? I know you’re amidst your tour at locations like Los Angeles at the Fonda Theatre, what can you tell us about that? Do you have anything else new up your sleeves?

Lots of new music can be expected for next year. My latest remix for Charlie Puth‘s ‘How Long‘ was recently released in December and hit the #1 spot on iTunes in various territories worldwide.  Being able to work remixing this record was incredible, to be sincere. More touring and music is on its way for this next year I promise.



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Thank you Maurizio Colella for taking the time to chat with us today at EDM Joy. It has been a pleasure and an honor to have spoken with you. Without a doubt, I’m sure fans all around the world are eagerly looking forward to what’s next from EDX. Cheers!


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