Zeds Dead – ‘Blame‘ – Zeds Dead have unveiled a video for their hit single, ‘Blame‘ which is a collaboration with Diplo and Elliphant. Watch the animated video above and gear up for the release of their debut album Northern Lights via their own Deadbeats label.

The Diplo-assisted single ‘Blame,’ featuring Swedish chanteuse Elliphant, has swirling, ethereal chords tempering the thundering bass with carefully crafted space dominated by Elliphant‘s poignant vocals. ‘Blame‘ is equally emotive and propulsive, which is likely to give tears of joy in dancing festival goers.



Zeds Dead fully realized vision comes to life on its forthcoming album, Northern Lights. Released via the group’s Deadbeats imprint, it is the culmination of two musical journeys, of years of collaboration, touring, and recording. As such, the album encompasses much of life’s emotional complexities. Some songs evoke the wistfulness of nostalgia, others the uncertainty of the present. While others still brim with bright-eyed hope for the future. Throughout, disparate sounds intersect and collide, the juxtaposition glinting majestically, like gaseous neon against a clear black night.

On Northern Lights, the lines between genres are undone, undercut by delicate instrumentation and detonated by drops antithetical to “count-to-three” gimmick. It is an album both of the times and out of them.  Zeds Dead continues to land on the vast universe of genres, that is the universe of EDM today.




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