As a music producer or audio engineer, you probably work with lots of software and most of the times some additional hardware. In both cases software and hardware, you should find the most innovative companies to get accesses to the newest sounds. These sounds will help you to be unique and get the best quality and workflow that fits your way of working. Through all the madness on the internet, it’s hard to filter the good things from the bad stuff. In this article, we want to show some great companies to dive in too, hope this will keep you on track with all the information and products that are out there.


Where to take advice from?

Take advice from well-established blogs like Producer Spot; they blog with a passion for music production. Facebook can be trustable but only look at other people’s information and less at advertisements. Most innovative companies are collaborating with other innovative companies, so look at their partners and integrations.


Innovative gear companies

To make it easy for you we listed a few cool companies with a short description.



Next level instruments

  • Output INC

Next level instruments, cool vocal generators! (Exhale VST)

  • Roli

New keyboards

  • Noiiz

The plug-in for sample packs

  • Splice

Collaboration, packs and projects in the cloud


There are more companies like the list above, but these are my favourite. Just have a look at their website, and you get what I mean. These companies make great products that will be part of future on music production.



edm music producer


What do you need?

Hardware and innovative software are great to have! But always consider in a good way if you need it since ‘less is more’ is still a golden rule in music production. You get easily lost in all the folders of plugins and cables of your synthesiser; sometimes it’s better to know 1 product for a 100% then five different products for 20%. Be the master at your tool! It’s cool to be a gear junkie but doesn’t overrate this if you don’t use or need it… Remember that an EDM dance hit can make on a single laptop with no gear as Deadmau5 said. Also, have a look at small practical improvements like learning shortcuts. This improves your workflow, for example, FL Studio shortcuts are necessary to learn as well for Logic and Ableton. Spend some time on that rather than buying all the gear!


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