The Outros – ‘Face The Evil‘ – Trio group The Outros have been in the music scene since 2014, starting out with a variety of rock music. Now, they have hit the EDM soundscapes like the meteorite they describe themselves being, having started waves of nu disco, funky house and progressive house vibes. Bringing their live sound to the masses, they have revealed their new single ‘Face The Evil.’

Brooklyn based, these guys started in their little loft with a ton of musical ambition, with little to no talent to back that up. As they have later shared, they now own a small apartment in New York, still struggling with rent, but have a little more talent to back up their love of music.



Despite what they say, this David Bowie inspired DJ, producing and instrumentalists group have a lot more potential than they think. With their funky, nu-disco vibed ‘Face The Evil‘ bringing on not only nostalgia, but a breath of fresh flavor in this sometimes repetitive EDM scene. Show some love for The Outros and enjoy the rest of your week!


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