DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2016 Results – Beginning in 1991 as a print magazine that reflected the emerging UK electronic music scene, DJ Mag has become an iconic red logo with a large heritage stretching 25 years for the EDM community. As a global multimedia brand that spans across print, the web, on video and at events.

Now, the company owns one of the most influential Top 100 DJs and Top 100 Clubs polls through their website that is read and respected worldwide. DJ Mag is an organization that received recognition as one of seven influencers for the 2015 launch of Apple Music, while also receiving a million votes for the top 100 DJs poll and 400,000 votes for the top 100 clubs poll yearly.

Now DJ Mag has released their top 100 DJ list for 2016 with Martin Garrix at the top. You can get a glimpse into a few more below!


Top 100 DJs 2016 Results Full List

top 100 djs 2016



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