Eivør – ‘Trøllabundin‘ (Martron Remix) –  New York based DJ and producer Martron made waves last year, as he released a variety of successfully powerful productions like ‘Alive‘ alongside talented vocalist Daniela Ion, collaborative single ‘Lost‘ with Shlizk and remix for Bellorum‘s ‘My World‘ to name just a few. Now after a couple months since his 2019 debut track ‘United,’ this continuously rising artist has returned with tastefully calming, tribal and mesmerizing remix of eivør‘s ‘Trøllabundin.’



One of our favorite artists here at EDM Joy, Martron has never failed to impress us with his wide range in talent. Not only has he touched records with his knack for future-bass, trap, dubstep and moombahton amongst other electronic dance music genres, but he has also flexed his producing with the likes of reggae, soul and the sound of the 80s.

While previous production ‘United‘ featured a tasteful blend of future bass, trap and moombahton, Martron‘s latest single comes in the form of official remix for eivør‘s uniquely raw and traditional record ‘Trøllabundin.‘ Using the foundation built by eivør‘s clean, powerful and boastful voice, folk drums, percussive throat vocals and dark under-toned melody, Martron explores new ground and breathes fresh air into the soundscapes with his first tribal song.



Touching a realm he hasn’t quite dabbled with thus far, listeners without a doubt won’t be let down. Venturing into something tribal and something slightly slower paced, Martron has laid out this remix for ‘Trøllabundin‘ in such a way that it separates itself from the original in some of the best ways.

Emphasizing the drums with tasteful bass, bringing out the percussive clicks and using the already sensational voice and throat vocals to his advantage, this once folk track now becomes a mystifying, tribal and indie-chill hybrid masterpiece.


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