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Quickly Rising Greg Gatsby Offers Insight Into His Career

Over a month ago, Greg Gatsby and CRVNTIS came together to collaborate on their new single ‘Back to You.’ An immersive future bass and trap-infused track, the song is filled with powerful transitions, tasteful bass, mind-blowing synths and mesmerizing vocals.

Of course, this is only the latest production amongst a string of releases that continue growing Mr. Gatsby’s ever-growing discography. An artist who has been in the scene since 2014, he has offered a wide variety of work ranging from singles and remixes on the Billboard Charts and performances at venues all around the world.


Greg Gatsby PS 4


With growing experiences in the EDM soundscapes for more than four years, one has to wonder what this journey has been like for Greg Gatsby. Now at EDM Joy, I have had the chance to speak with the Boston native myself.


Clearly you are no stranger to the industry. However, you began your career alongside cleaning carpets and college campuses to pay for studio time. What helped to keep you persevere during these years and what have been some of your favorite moments as you’ve grown as a DJ, producer and artist?

Honestly I think those jobs really helped me. They gave me perspective. They were humbling daily. I’d be flying to Montréal to play for a thousand college kids and then flying back to literally clean the floors of college dorms. It really helped me to appreciate the gigs when I could get them. It was both rewarding and motivating. There’s something about long hours, manual labor and so on that really tests you. I think you leave those kinds of jobs with more pride. Not ego, but a feeling of really being proud of the work you’ve done. If i could go back, I’d do the same jobs and have the same struggles. I think my favorite moments now as a DJ, producer and artist are really fan interaction. I don’t have a ton of fans but i do get dozens of inboxes daily from kids looking for guidance and inspiration. All I’ve ever wanted to do is inspire somebody. The fact I’m now doing that with music as my vehicle is incredible.


You’ve shared stages with artists like Waka Flocka, Big Sean, Bass Jackers, GTA and Travis Scott amongst others and you have even released a variety of tracks that have made it on the Billboard charts such as ‘Mayday’ featuring Camila and ‘I Got You.’


Greg Gatsby PS 2


What has it been like to have some of your work reach such rewarding levels of success and what do you think is your most memorable achievements so far?

It’s been amazing to get some of the recognition I’ve received over the past few years. I do have one of those problems where what I accomplish never seems to be enough though, so the feeling is usually fleeting. When I hit top 20 on a chart all I really want is top ten. Then when I hit the top ten, I want number one. I’m just one of those competitive people that feels like he could always do better. My most memorable achievement however has nothing to do with my music personally. I think establishing my label and setting up a business model that allows artists to keep their rights and master recordings will end up being my most memorable achievement when my careers all said and done. It’s been a pleasure establishing Rorschach Music Group and signing so many incredible songs and artists, while empowering them and allowing them to keep their rights as the creators.


Fast forward to 2018 and we see that you as Greg Gatsby have been continuing to rise and grow from your experiences and without a doubt your latest record ‘Back to You‘ with CRVNTIS is a testament to your ability and talent as a DJ and producer.

Back to You’ is an aesthetically stylistic track with pulsing chords and warm bass that keeps listeners captivated. You have previously said that there is a lot of emotion and power behind the track and that you couldn’t be happier to have collaborated with CRVNTIS.


Greg Gatsby PS3


What was the creative process that you and CRVNTIS went through while creating ‘Back to You‘ and what was it like bringing your talents together?

CRVNTIS was awesome to work with. He sent me his work on the start of this track and took all of the advice and creative input I gave. He’s a young humble kid ready to learn and grow. Once he sent me the stems to what he had I was able to get extra creative with adding elements and messing with arrangement and swapping out drums. Maradonai aka Matt Doe really helped clean up the sound and land a nasty mix/master for us as well. Was a real team effort, my favorite kind of artistic project!


With a youthful, yet strong career since 2014, growing with every release and now continuing your successes with recent song ‘Back to You,’ it is evident that you are without a doubt going nowhere anytime soon and will continue rising to the top.


You’ve definitely juggled multiple aspects of your life before you began seeing success. With that in mind, what advice can you give aspiring artists and talent-driven individuals who want to make it in this industry?

My advice is to be both hungry and tenacious while balancing it with humility and patience. Pull from both ends of that energy. You need to work your face off. You need to make sacrifices and fight for what you want. But you also need to be patient when looking for your results and humble as you grow. If you can’t be patient, if you don’t enjoy the climb, you have a very high chance of quitting before you get there. It’s just such a tough road you’ve got to love creating and you’ve got to love fighting for your success or you won’t last.



Finally, what can fans expect to see from Greg Gatsby as we continue rapidly moving through this year?

I have a bunch of tunes finished and ready for release. Some of these records feature vocals with singers from around the world, one of which is a triple platinum selling artist so I’m really excited about that. My first ever official videos will be dropping with each of my next three singles as well. Follow me on social and say hi, I’ll send you guys previews and let you know when everything drops!


I want to thank you for taking to the time to speak with me on behalf of EDM Joy. Make sure to show some support for Greg Gatsby by following him via his socials, linked below and check out his latest track ‘Back to You!


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