Exclusive Interview: MOTi

Since 2012, Amsterdam artist, MOTi, has been producing electronic dance music and performing as a DJ. He got his start collaborating with Dutch producer, Quintino, in 2012 on singles, 'Circuits' and 'Kinky Deni...
trap and bass

The Foundation For Trap

I recently sat down with the founder and CEO of Trap and Bass, Colton Gamby. Colton is one of the most important people in the underground world of the Trap. But how did this 22 year old from Pennsylvania get t...
delta heavy paradise lost

Delta Heavy – Event Horizon

Duo group, Delta Heavy, have been in the electronic dance music scene since 2003, performing at nightclubs, concerts, and festivals all around the world. While this creative, intensive, and multi-textured duo h...
ship wrek

Ship Wrek & Veorra Release ‘Feelin Good’

A month ago, Ship Wrek released his EP, "Stranded." His first track on the EP, 'Feelin Good,' has chilling vocals from vocalist, Veorra, and provides a vibe that instantly draws you in. 'Feelin Good' has a trap...
talabun mc

Talabun MC Releases Mother Earth

Since as early as 2013, Talabun MC has been releasing liquid drum & bass with dark vocals. Although his career just started three years ago, he is signed to over 15 record labels, most notably, Firepower Re...
Klaas Gerling

Interview: Klaas Gerling

During 2016, I've worked alongside a good amount of famous Producers, and Rappers. But out of everyone I have worked with in the past, Klaas Gerling is someone that certainly inspired me to get into the electro...