P.O.E – ‘Fire‘ – P.O.E has always had a burning desire to play around with music. Since the emergence out of the deep forests in Telemark, Norway, he has experimented with melodies and vocal lines in search of his musical expression. In his younger days, it was vocals that fascinated him the most, but with time, production has become just as fascinating. The result of these fascinations is a talent for creating a unique expression that is colorful and catchy. Now, he presents this talent in the form of ‘Fire‘ featuring LISE, which is am emotional future bass track, with some cinematic influenced drums.

Through studies in music production and his own experiences, P.O.E feels this impression has been prepared enough to finally share his music with others. He is looking forward to following up ‘Fire‘ with some new music in the near future. Who knows, maybe we will hear something with his own vocals?



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