Kaidro – ‘Out of Love‘ – Since releasing his remix for Elephante‘s ‘Plans‘ last month, DJ and producer Kaidro is back and strong as ever. Now, he has debuted his calming new future bass remix for Two Friends and their song ‘Out of Love.’

Focusing mainly on future house, Kaidro is progressively taking the industry by storm with his powerful sound and connection he holds with crowds he performs for. Holding his roots in Boston, Kaidro has been able to build an accomplished list of performed shows at numerous venues around the city such as Royale, Icon, Whisky Saigon and the Boat Cruise Summer Series.



Kaidro continues to maintain his drive and passion for envisioning and creating hard hitting groovy beats that will continue to ensure that listeners will hear more of him. Now his remix for ‘Out of Love‘ presents his ability to impress and it’s no exception to presenting his signature sound.


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