Jan Blomqvist – ‘Remote Control‘ – It’s been well over a year since Jan Blomqvist dropped his debut album Remote Control, but its charm has far from faded. The critically acclaimed album proved one of the most elegant bodies of work to see release in early 2016 and that is exactly what Jan Blomqvist builds on as he releases its sixteen-track remix album Remote Control (Remixed).

For Remote Control (Remixed), a host of skilled remixers were drafted in to dig into some of the album’s most remarkable singles. The top names in the list include none other than Daniel Stefanik & Mathias Kaden, Lexer, Nico Stojan & Acid Pauli and Eelke Kleijn, whom Jan Blomqvist granted the task of vamping up respectively ‘Empty Floor,’ ‘Back In The Taxi,’ ‘Dancing People Are Never Wrong‘ and ‘Drift.’



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