Thomas Branch – ‘Only God Knows‘ – Thomas Branch has released his first production since 2016 with ‘Only God Knows,’ which features the stunning and beautiful voice of Tiffany Ivey. As a new single that consists of pop and tropical vibes, great percussion work, powerful vocals, well produced vocal chops and a chilled out beat, it’s one that you just have to hear!

DJ, producer, songwriter and drummer Thomas Branch has been an artist in the making for the past thirteen years. Atlanta, Georgia bound, Branch has become known for his talent, great appearance, stage presence and drive to continuously succeed with every production, performance and release.



If you listen closely to ‘Only God Knows,’ you can hear Branch‘s ability to seamlessly create a pop-electronic crossover with a drum kit, the enlistment of a talented vocalist and very well done mixing and mastering. Since the beginning, he has established that he is a focused and professional DJ and producer who gives his best with every release. Now, his newest production successfully presents just that!


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