Yolanda Be Cool – ‘Sound of Swing‘ – Danish producer Kenneth Bager and Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool have teamed up with distinct-fully talented vocalist Aloe Blacc to collaborate on the tropical track ‘S.O.S.,’ filled with punchy melodies, big beats and a danceable hook melody.

Starting his musical career in the mid 1980’s, Kenneth Bager is a DJ and producer who continues playing at high profile gigs to this day alongside running his highly acclaimed label Music For Dreams. On the other hand, duo group Yolanda Be Cool are behind one of the world’s number one breakthrough tracks titled ‘We No Speak Americano’ which achieved both over 5 million sales copies and gained up to 200 million views on YouTube.



Finally, American soul artist, vocalist, songwriter, actor, record producer, businessman and musician Aloe Blacc concludes the trio. He has collaborated with many electronic music artists and is best known for ‘I Need a Dollar,’ UK No. 1 single ‘The Man‘ and for writing and performing vocals on Avicii‘s ‘Wake Me Up,’ which charted at #1 in 22 countries.

Aloe is an especially welcome presence as his colorful, soulful vocals are always able to draw the utmost attention and they surge over the thumping island rhythm.


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