Piek – ‘That’s Me‘ – Last month, Piek released his first single from his highly anticipated debut Despertar LP titled, ‘That’s Me.’ While the LP is set for release via Sincopat on February 20th, Piek has released a four track remix collection for ‘That’s Me.’ Originally a track that is comprised of delicate, calming beats matched with layers of sound with smooth, intelligent lyrics all hovering above heavy bass lines, lush pads, distorted guitars and a LSD’d jungle soundscape, Piek‘s ‘That’s Me‘ now receives three other musical takes.

We first get AvantRoots head honcho Pablo Bolivar‘s cool remix. As he maintains the original’s sleepy essence, Bolivar stretches ‘That’s Me‘ into an eight minute house journey. Reminiscent of the past, his club-oriented remix consists of calming and entrancing cosy beats over a trancey aesthetic background.



Bringing it old school for the house lovers, Piek gives ‘That’s Me‘ his own vision with his remix aptly titled, ‘Amnesia 88 Piek Club Mix.’Solidly twisting the once open-hearted electronic pop modern track into a booty-shaking, UK House influenced cut with a 303 bass line main hook.

The journey for ‘That’s Me‘ continues with Berlin-based duo Kyodai‘s pulsing techno and house beats, vivid synths and spacey vocals on the track. Tunneling through time with eclectic Detroit oriented stabs, sweeping chords and rich rhythmic details, Kyodai show an appreciation for tech-edged sounds that fans of these vibes will certainly enjoy.

Starting 2017 with intensity, vibrancy, emotionality and evocativeness, Piek and his fellow remixers give ‘That’s Me‘ a taste of the past, while looking forward to the future that will soon be Despertar.


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