The Best SoundCloud,  YouTube & Spotify Download Gate –  TuneBoost is one of the most known and the most developed free download gate generator platform for Artists, Record Labels, Agencies and Music Networks.

The platform has recently announced that now it’s users will be able to make money as they grow their SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and Facebook Channels. Let’s jump to their newest updates that download gate users will definitely love.




New feature updates:

1. TuneBoost users can now make money from their download gates. All you have to do is create your download gate and let us help you promote your track, then you can earn hundreds of dollars,
100% FREE with no charge.

2. Another new massive feature is the ability to Save tracks on Spotify (Add to your collection) to download. Whenever someone downloads your track on the TuneBoost download gate, he’ll automatically save your track on  Spotify and add it to their Spotify library. You can add up to 9 Spotify tracks per gate. It means multiple plays, returning listeners and better Spotify engagement!

3. You can also grow your Spotify playlists with TuneBoost now. This new feature allows you to add up to 9 Spotify playlists per download gate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a record label, networker, artist or just a Spotify user.

Start growing your Spotify playlists and have a voice on this competitive platform!

4. TuneBoost also introduces the brand new ‘Stores & Services’ feature. This feature allows you to add your track’s YouTube, Spotify, Beatport & iTunes direct store & streaming links to your download gates and you’re free to choose whether you enable the ‘Free Download’ or not.

Think of it this way, you have a new track which you don’t want to give it as free download, but you still want to use download gates to grow your channels & audience. You want to make money from your track on streaming platforms or digital music stores while still growing your SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter channels, playlists and pages.

Let your downloaders follow your channels, playlists & pages, repost & save your tracks, comment on your track, then direct them to digital stores!

5. You can now optionally add your Dropbox, G-Drive or any 3rd party hosting platform link to your download gates to direct your users to download your tracks. Your downloaders can download any file type with no size limit!

6. If the track is available on Spotify, EDM Joy is adding the TOP 5 Free Downloads to the  fast growing, popular EDM Joy Spotify playlists!


What are the other features that TuneBoost already has?

  • SoundCloud Follow to Download (Up to 20 SoundCloud channels)
  • SoundCloud Repost, Comment & Like to Download
  • YouTube Subscribe to Download (Up to 9 YouTube channels)
  • Spotify Follow to Download (Up to 9 Spotify Artists)
  • Request Email to Download
  • Facebook Like Popup
  • Twitter Follow Popup
  • Get free SoundCloud reposts to over a million listeners through TuneBoost, EDM Joy and partner networks with the BoostEDX promotion program
  • 100% FREE with no charge



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