MauritZ – ‘In the Dark‘ – After eight months since his hit take on Magic Wand track ‘Sunset,’ DJ and producer MauritZ Palmer is back again. This time he debut’s his first original track titled ‘In The Dark.’ Continuing his established deep house sound, Palmer asserts “In the Dark‘ as a powerful swayful track with luscious vocals provided by vocalist Lisa Castelli.

As he has shown evident with his sound thus far, MauritZ Palmer has been influenced by music through his entire life. Starting by beating up the drums at a young age and later mastering the guitar, bass guitar, and the piano, Palmer was able to develop his savvy musical talents rather early. He continued bettering his musical career by exploring and recording music of all genres at the age of 15.



Since then, he has immersed himself in the eclectic soundscapes of electronic music and has turned his garage into a studio that pulsates with beats culminated from years of experience, dedication, and a personal hunger to create music to be enjoyed by everyone. As a rising professional who works on various projects as a producer and a recording engineer and as someone who performs frequently, MauritZ Palmer strives to become an esteemed household name.

Be sure to show some support and love for MauritZ Palmer and Lisa Castelli, as I’m sure this rising artist will be back with some more good vibes soon!


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