Israeli trio group, DirtyVibes, has just released their latest track, ‘Feeling Drunk Tonight,’ through Only House By EDM Joy. DirtyVibes was the result of three DJ’s and producers from different musical backgrounds deciding to join forces. Releasing music as a group just a year ago, these guys have already gained support from artists Timmy Trumpet, Thomas Gold and many more. Their notable tracks have been ‘Summer Night Time,’ ‘Dirty Girl,’ ‘Rage‘ and ‘Out Of My Mind.’ They are likely to gain further success after their hit track, ‘Feeling Drunk Tonight.’




Ben grew up listening to artists’ Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and more.

He is also a guitarist, composer and singer/songwriter out of London, UK.




Vladi is highly influenced from pop music, with a very solid knowledge of modern music.

 Is a DJ with a lot of experience in the dance music industry out of Sderot, Israel.




Iliya is a bright producer and musician who is influenced by classical music and heavy metal.

He is also a pianist, composer and songwriter, out of Ashdod, Israel.


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