Stream ripping, the act of illegally extracting copyrighted material from streaming services such as YouTube is a type of music conversion that is growing faster than ever before. Having previously been 4.5 billion visits to websites that are associated with this kind of service in 2015, the visit count now is up 60% in 2016 according to leading content protection and piracy audience data specialist in MUSO.

From January 1st to September 30th, MUSO has found that there were over 7.2 billion visits to copyright-infringing stream ripping sites around the globe. The leading content protection and piracy audience data specialist has now estimated that a large majority of this stream-ripping traffic is going to audio-only sites, with the notorious site leading at the top.


The owner of has recently been sued by the three major labels giants Universal, Warner and Sony, just in the last month. According to MUSO, “tens or even hundred, of millions of tracks are illegally copied and distributed by streaming ripping serves each mont.” If you consider websites like that bring in over 60 million unique users a month, marking close to 40% of all unlawful stream ripping of music YouTube, it is no wonder that the illegal ripping of music has sky rocketed in 2016.

Paired with massive search engines like Google, stream ripping websites that hold large traffic such as, have been able to give the simplified ability to convert music online for free to millions globally. Now in 2016, this type of piracy threat is at an all time high, threatening revenues for musicians, labels and anyone else with a career in the music industry all around the world.


H/T: Music Business Worldwide



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