Heart FX – ‘King Without a Throne‘ – Since releasing their first single, ‘Thinking Of You‘ on Flamingo Recordings, the Austrian duo Markus Schulz and Mario Staniek, better known as HEART FX, continue to mesmerize us with their newly-born release with its deep title, ‘King Without a Throne.’ As Joe Jury softly sings, “I’m looking for a place to settle down, yes it’s hard to find the shelter in this town,” it transfers us to the cavernous space created somewhere above our heads, reminding us that everybody gets lonely and nostalgic at times.

HEART FX makes a fan out of all us with their music sensibility and mysterious aura. Having previously released edgy club sounds, the Dutch Big & Dirty brand seems to be redefining themselves, with HEART FX‘s ‘King Without a Throne.’



Both, the mysterious yet symbolic title and seemingly fairytale artwork for the cover of the single, ‘King Without A Throne‘ touch us with their enigmatic and sensitive aura. Still, the production, with all its halo does not bring any naive or shallow atmosphere to the track, but it perfectly suits what we would love to hear in cold, autumn evenings or what we would like to dance to on vivid dancefloors being surrounded by electronic music lovers.

That magical set of contradictions is smoothened by music which keeps them in balance, and ‘King Without A Throne‘ makes an excellent example to believe that our fresh duo, HEART FX cannot imagine life without their queen – music, herself and they will surely surprise us with their next, forthcoming singles.


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