Barney Wragg launches new unique band name registration service for artists. The service at uses blockchain technology to help musicians protect their band, DJ, or stage alias without spending thousands of dollars to register a trademark. Using a customized search engine that draws data from multiple major music services and databases artists can now search potential new band names for free.

Once an artist finds an available name, they can create an immutable record of that name for just $15, as well as all uses of that name including every gig, recording, public performance or other appearance. All of this information is permanently linked to the Blockchain and can be independently verified at any time in the future. Following registration with the name is usually published and verified on the Bitcoin Blockchain within 30 minutes. uses Tierion, a blockchain proof engine, to record artist’s band name registrations on the blockchain. The company has plans to build a number of additional Blockchain based services for the for the music industry, details of which will be announced in the coming months.


H/T: Music Business Worldwide



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