The new online audio tailoring tool, launched by Universal Publishing Production Music, allows video editors, producers and content creators to search, find and customize library music for film, broadcast and advertising, directly from their web browsers. The application is framed with Score Addiction and offers a catalogue of 40 albums in the UK, 26 of which come from Universal Publishing Production Music’s catalogue and 14 from Score Addiction. The design of the software combines a simple interface with a search algorithm, which allows users to quickly find and tailor tracks.

Music genres within the catalogue are best suited for trailer and promotional music and includes tracks from labels including Volta, Chappell, Atmosphere and Universal Trailer Series. With every track, users are able to mute and solo each instrument, adjust the volume of each instrumental stem and seamlessly adjust the tempo of the selected track in real time. Users can also immediately synch their tracks to video, enabling direct customisation of music to on-screen dialogue, climaxes and transitions.

With this new application, embedding music within scenes of film, broadcast and advertising has never been easier. Adding time, this online audio tailoring tool could be extended to podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Everyone in the music industry and film industry can benefit from the new software launched by Universal Publishing Production Music.


H/T: Music Business Worldwide



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