MNYNMS most recent track, ‘BESET‘ was released almost a month ago and yet it is still reaching fans all over the world with it’s captivating sound by blending 80’s, rock, indie-chill, and electronic dance music in a way that hauntingly keeps you listening.

Houston, Texas musicians MNYNMS is a trio group comprised of vocalists Jessica Wahlquist, Lacey Youngblood, and producer J.Childs. Emanating an essence that is synth driven and infused with mystical lyricism, MNYNMS presents a musical platform that represents the art of sound and creative transcendence. MNYNMS has been releasing music as early as 2014, with a focus on good vibes with some ambience, indie-chill and other unique sounds.

BESET‘ is only one of four tracks, off their latest EP, “Rite Of Passage.” If you enjoy what you heard with ‘BESET,’ make sure to support them below and check out the rest of their EP!


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