Apple Headquarters in Santa Clara Valley, California has posted a new job ad for a role as ‘Lyrics Curation Manager,’ which is looking “for a manager to lead a team of lyrics curators with excellent writing skills, music knowledge, and attention to detail.” The ad is also looking for a passion for technology and a will to question the current workflows with the mindset to improve tools and processes. General understanding, love, and ideally, experience in writing lyrics. The job ad says the ‘Lyrics Curation Manager’ position requires a minimum 5 years of relevant work experience, in addition to “strong analytical skills, including extensive knowledge of Excel and/or Numbers.”

Apple recently announced that its iOS10 update would bring a number of changes to Apple Music, including a redesign, a ‘downloaded’ section and lyrics. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see what this team could bring to the music industry via iTunes and Apple Music.



H/T: Music Business Worldwide


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