Coming out of the shadows, Shanghai Doom brings listeners a level of synths and dubstep grinds that listeners don’t hear often anymore. With intense melodies and heavy bass, ‘Whirlwind‘ definitely blows us away.


Shanghai Doom is the innovative bass child of New Jersey producers Aylen and Zhomek. Shanghai Doom started as an outlet for the two producers to share their creativity and steer away from the world of their solo projects. By combining their favorite elements of dubstep and experimental trap, Shanghai Doom aims to show their love for all that is weird and wonky.


Despite mysteriously appearing out of EDM’s shadows, their two tracks, ‘Whirlwind‘ and ‘Crack Flow,’ have both received significant plays, reaching the 30 thousand mark. At the moment, it would seem that Shanghai‘s main focus is dubstep with heavy synths and grinds. As a rising collaborative group with skilled and talented DJ’s and producers, they have potential to grow fast and further establish themselves in the electronic dance music community as Shanghai Doom.


Be sure to check out their first track below and give them support via their socials if you enjoy their work!


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