Apple has reportedly filed a new proposal to the US Copyright Royalty Board, that will simplify songwriters royalties, while also increasing their royalties to 910$ every million plays. The company has also suggest that all on-demand streaming services should pay songwriters a statutory rate of 9.1 Cents every 100 plays. This proposal would effect free-streaming services, such as Spotify and Soundcloud as well, with Apple stating,

An interactive stream has an inherent value regardless of the business model a service provider chooses

The company confirmed before launch that it would pay labels and publishers 71.5% of all Apple Music revenues in the US after users’ three-month free trial. Outside the US, Apple is believed to pay around 73%. While this might not come into affect until some time in 2018, it does bring in something to look forward to for successful artists and labels across all streaming services.

H/T: Music Business Worldwide



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