Just as I, and many others expected, Zac Efron’s “We Are Your Friends” totally floundered. The movie, for those that don’t know, essentially takes place in California, where Zak Efron and his pals wanna become DJs, but it’s difficult (sort of, not really). They also try to act like DJing is some sort of art, like it’s something harder than moving a few knobs and having enough of a shred of intellect to know what a good or popular song is. This was shown in the first trailer, which turned me, and many others, off immediately to the film.

Lo and behold, I, along with the countless other producers and audiophiles, knew from the very start this movie was going to be bad. The trailer made us cringe, while they claimed a song that’s 140 BPM to be 128. It acted as if though DJing is a talent, when pretty much anybody can make a quality set. Even ignoring the fact that it makes any producer want to cry, the movie itself is boring and just plain bad. The acting for majority of the movie is mediocre, the plot is just lazy and falls apart quickly, and to top it all off, nothing comes as a surprise, there are no twists or turns, all the relationships are flat, and the movie is inexcusable. Movie critic Jeremy Jahns talks about it more in his unbiased review of the flopped flick, but if you have anything to add about the movie, comment down below.


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