Let me start off by saying that I wasn’t always a Dillon Francis fan. I used to not like his music at all actually, but it slowly grew on me, especially after I started acquiring the taste for trap music (to which, for me, trap and moombahton seem to go hand in hand in terms of their sounds, yet they also manage to be very different). But, when Dillon announced a new EP, along with releasing one of the two singles from the EP, “Bun Up The Dance,” I got very excited. This track single-handedly sold me the EP, and the purchase was not in vain. “This Mixtape Is Fire” is a mix of fresh sounds, crisp and funky moombahton sounds, and as the name suggests, fire.

To start off with, the two singles of the album are “Bruk Bruk” and “Bun Up The Dance,” both of which share typical sounds you’d expect of Dillon, which is to say deep, funky and ever-warping beats. Both singles share very similar sounds, yet both have their own unique aesthetic and style to them, Bruk Bruk sounding like a bounce-inspired track, while “Bun Up The Dance” sounding more like a big-room inspired track. “Pull It” is also a more typical moombahton track of Dillon, which is in collaboration with Bro Safari, with a lot of dub and reggae elements mixed into the fray. Unlike these two singles though, the rest of the tracks all give very different sounds to them.

“What’s Your Name” is a very big room inspired track, almost sounding exactly like one up until the drop, where it shows it’s more moombahton roots. The song is in collaboration with Calvin Harris, and when you listen to it, you’ll recognize the parts inspired by the world famous DJ/Producer. With deep beats and sharp synths, this only the beginning of the adventure that is this EP.

dillon skrill

Dillon Francis and Skrillex collaborated together on “Bun Up The Dance”

“Coming Over” and “Lies” have to be my favorite tracks of this album, with both vastly different songs. “Coming Over,” a collaboration with Kygo and James Hersey with vocals. This track is much more funk and chill inspired, with gentle plucks and soft synths, paired with the natural and etheral voice of Hersey, all leading up to the deep and funky drop, with warped vocals, a gentle bass pluck, and room-filling saws. “Lies” is an even slower song, with slow, echoing claps, a very 80’s inspired song, and rough, vocoded vocals that would remind anybody of Daft Punk. With all this in mind, it’s no surprised this song was a collaboration between Dillon and Chromeo, with a mix between both of their songs, Chromeo help make this track one of the few slow and gentle tracks (so slow it even completely lacks a drop), into a killer and addictive to listen to song.

When all wrapped up into it’s tight package, “This Mixtape Is Fire” Does everything right. Every song is an enjoyable one, whether they are the headbangers like “Bruk Bruk and “Bun Up The Dance,” or the more chill and experimental tracks like “Coming Over” and “Lies.” Every track is one I’d put on repeat, and the most important part is that Dillon vastly improved his work, and made himself into an even better artist. With this EP living up to it’s name, I only expect to see more from Dillon Francis.

Review: Dillon Francis - "This Mixtape Is Fire"
"This Mixtape Is Fire" shows Dillon's evolution as an artist, his steps forward and how he has become much better than before
The Good
  • Every song on the album is one to listen to on repeat.
  • Every track features it's own style, and every song but "Bruk Bruk" features another artist to give the EP more character.
  • Dillon shows his evolution and improvement, and how he is dedicated to consistently raising the bar.
The Bad
  • Although nothing outright degrades the album, the tracks are fairly short, and the whole EP lasts around 20 minutes.
82%Overall Score


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