Between the years of 2005 and 2015, 1411 Nightclubs have been closing at an alarming rate over in the UK. The industry is in severe jeopardy, but as BCC Newsbeat puts it: “Where Have All The Clubs Gone?” This question comes at a time where over the past ten years, essentially half of all active clubs have shut their doors, and many Dance and EDM enthusiasts are beginning to move elsewhere.

As said by The Ministry Of Sound, many things have been shifting. People now favor festivals for the freedom and larger range of things you can do there, and as someone who’s been to both nightclubs and large festivals like Coachella, I would agree with those people. The experience of festivals far trumps those of nightclubs, and typically festivals are open for all ages, whilst you see very little nightclubs that are general admission.

Steve Aoki, a well-known American DJ and producer, also commented on the issue, stating that Nightclubs are essential for the Dance/EDM scene to continue to grow and thrive, and that “You need to have these bases to build and expand and push this culture forward.” Now although many many famous places like The Ministry of Sound are still going strong, many places have not been doing as well, even other big players, as Ministry of Sound elaborates:

It seems like every other week there’s news of a British nightclub closing down. The Arches in Glasgow, Plastic People in London, Air in Birmingham. Tally the stats up and it’s a rate of 100 clubs a year, or nearly ten clubs a month.

The fact of the matter is, nightclubs, and the nightclubbing scene are in serious danger of being completely eradicated, save for the few powerhouses that exist and the few independent parties occasionally thrown (as shown in the video). Even though many might say otherwise, nightclubbing is possibly obsolete now, where you can go online and listen to all your favorite mixes on youtube, or DJ with yourself or others on web services like Plug.DJ, or you can go to giant, mutliple-day festivals where countless amounts of artists are playing at once from day ’til night. With all these options, along with the rising prices of nightclubbing, it seems like the EDM and Dance scene has officially moved onto bigger, and hopefully better things.


Via Ministry of Sound


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