Elestee is a newcomer to the music scene, with a small following and no identity, yet with already multiple star tracks. A new release, Elestee’s remix of “All You Need Is Love” gives a new life to the original Avicii track. With a gentle and roomy piano, along with crisp yet gentle drums beginning the track, as the synths slowly introduce themselves. As they increase in volume and tone, the powerful builds sweep into the drop, a powerful bouncy saw along with a slew of synths and pianos, bringing the track together in a feel-good festival delight.

A beautiful hit of a remix, Elestee’s remix of “All You Need Is Love” is a track to be reckoned with. With everything you could ask for in a progressive house song, this remix certainly competes against the original mix. You can listen to Elestee’s remix below, or click here to go to his SoundCloud.



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