Maybe some of you remember that show Simon Cowell was trying to produce called ‘Ultimate DJ’, well we may have something similar here already. It’s called Your Shot USA, this is the first year it’s been in the US. Its popular here in it’s origins – Australia. As Australia isn’t so money hungry as the US they didn’t see the need for a TV show, the Australian version was fun and gave a real opportunity to individuals that needed guidance and an introduction into the scene. You may know Tigerlily who actually won the Australian Your Shot a few years ago, but really all they’ve done is made a hot, female, blue haired ‘DJ’ popular. Trust me if she didn’t have looks or boobs there is no way she would be where she is today, don’t get me started on her ghost produced tracks as well!

Anyway, in the US version of Your Shot, 30 contestants get picked from a group of thousands to go through to the next stage. As its a reality tv show you must have those people with a troubled childhood or a someone who lost a loved one. All contestants need is a story, they don’t need any DJ or producing experience at all. All these contestants will be ‘EDM’ fans, not music fans. They will love Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Avicii and Tiësto, but not know any other producers. They feed on what the radio gives them.

Once there are six contestants left, they travel to Vegas to work with Tiësto (obviously not about producing). While in vegas they play at pool parties while only first touching decks a couple weeks ago. It’s ridiculous that the contestants are getting a set there and well respected DJ/Producers not being able to get a gig in a decent club. The winner gets to open for Tiësto at Hakkasan, yeah you heard that right, Hakkasan.

The winner will start touring, get his/her music made by a producer and being promoted by Tiësto. This is the joke in the EDM scene, the fake artists. I’m not going to begin discussing this but the American version of Your Shot is adding negativity to the scene that the real fans are dreading.

No wonder there are so many people hating on EDM these days, money and power is ruining another music scene. EDM is going downhill and it’s falling faster and faster.


You can watch the first two episodes below

EP. 1: THIS IS YOUR SHOT! – Tiësto



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