Shaquille O’ Neal (or Shaq as most like to call him), we all know him one way or another. Whether it would be for his all-star basketball career, his god-awful SNES game Shaq-Fu (didn’t they say there’s gonna be a second one?), or his “All-Star Comedy Jam”… whatever that is, you know him. But now, we might know him for something else. What is that? Well, none other than his new DJing career! Shaq, (or DJ Diesel, his new stage name), is going to be spinning tables at TomorrowWorld this year, with a trap mix made by him. Although, this isn’t his first endeavor into music, as mixmag discussed in their article concerning Shaquille O’ Neal’s DJ Set:

Shaq’s no stranger to musical success, though. As well as being a four-time NBA champ and three-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player winner, he went platinum in the early 90s with the first of his four rap albums, ‘Shaq Diesel’.

Now, I’m really sorry for not taking this seriously, but when somebody put’s their face on an Arizona can, I don’t really think you can blame me. But I do have to give major props to Shaq, as he does have the integrity to actually mix his own sets instead of just pressing play and feeling good about himself, like many other Celebrity DJs do. Although I wouldn’t say his mixing skills are the best, it’s the effort that counts… right? If I were to give my personal opinion about this, I’d say that this totally shows how DJing isn’t really an art or a skill anymore, it’s about how many people you know, how popular you are among those people, and what lengths you’re willing to go to get on stage. Anyways, if you wanna check out his set he has planned for TomorrowWorld, you can listen below, or click here for the direct Soundcloud link.



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